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These are just a few of the poor dogs imprisoned in the Public “Shelter” at Hunedoara in Romania

They are either dumped there by their owners or thrown in by dog catchers who are paid by the number of dogs they manage to capture - by whatever cruel means they like.

There are many such “Shelters” across the country. Some have wonderful bands of volunteers who raise funds to make the dogs’ terrible existences as comfortable as possible.

Laura Calugaru is one of the wonderful ladies that work to save the dogs at Hunedoara

Some “Shelters” have no such luck and the dogs are left in cold damp concrete cells without food, water, beds or hope. There is no consideration given to the sizes and temperaments of the dogs and often the small timid ones are attacked and killed by the more aggressive, and often starving ones.

Please help by sponsoring, fostering or adopting a “Shelter” dog.

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